About Us

Step Solutions was established in Year 2009 by Young Entrepreneurs. The Purpose was to Serve the Industry and Provide the Industry Ready Students by Providing them proper training with latest techniques and Technology used by Industry.

Our Mission and Vision

Earning money is not the only motive of a business and the same thing is applicable on us. Step Solutions indeed was framed with very clear goals and objectives which are represented in its vision.


“To explore our potential and apply our knowledge and professionalism in a manner so that we can contribute our level best for the betterment of the society, empowering the Youth of the Nation to think in the same way so that collectively and constructively we can contribute in the growth of the Nation as well as ourselves”


To give our level best in every step we take and follow the golden words ”Miles to go before I sleep”

To encourage, encompass and adhere to the ethics in business

To serve the customer a Step higher than what he expects

Money Matters but secondary to client’s trust in us

To strive for excellence

To implement the TQM approach in all our processes